Friday, October 18, 2013

Kim Scott Quilt of Valor

We sort of hijacked the CUAQ Therapy evening session last night to present Kim Scott with a Quilt of Valor.  I think she was surprised!  I came up as if I was doing my normal Show N Tell.  Kim was a big help by getting behind the quilt to hold it up.  We could not have planned this any better.  She was standing in front of the label sewn on the back corner.  Suddenly, we hear a screech!

Kim served in the Air Force and we thought it would be perfect to honor her with a quilt.  And knowing she is a quilter herself AND was co-owner of a quilt shop (Cut Up and Quilt), we knew she would appreciate it even more.

Earlier in the year, we had asked Kim if she knew any local veterans that we could give a Quilt of Valor to,  She recommended her neighbor, Ray Starr.  We did give Ray a quilt at our September 15 Quilts of Valor ceremony.  We also invited him and his family to come to the quilt shop as a surprise to share in Kim's presentation.

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