Friday, October 18, 2013

Kim Scott Quilt of Valor

We sort of hijacked the CUAQ Therapy evening session last night to present Kim Scott with a Quilt of Valor.  I think she was surprised!  I came up as if I was doing my normal Show N Tell.  Kim was a big help by getting behind the quilt to hold it up.  We could not have planned this any better.  She was standing in front of the label sewn on the back corner.  Suddenly, we hear a screech!

Kim served in the Air Force and we thought it would be perfect to honor her with a quilt.  And knowing she is a quilter herself AND was co-owner of a quilt shop (Cut Up and Quilt), we knew she would appreciate it even more.

Earlier in the year, we had asked Kim if she knew any local veterans that we could give a Quilt of Valor to,  She recommended her neighbor, Ray Starr.  We did give Ray a quilt at our September 15 Quilts of Valor ceremony.  We also invited him and his family to come to the quilt shop as a surprise to share in Kim's presentation.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quilts from the Bluffs October Quilt Day

We are celebrating our 7th anniversary as a group this month.  Looking back over the past seven years, it is amazing how far we have come.  Thank you for your participation!  It is amazing how much can be accomplished when we unite our passion for quilting with quilters across the community!  We have delivered 1,888 quilts since October, 2006 and 305 so far this year!

We will meet again this Saturday, October 12, from 10:00 - 3:00 at First Christian Church.  We meet on the lower level and it is easier to enter through the NorthEast door at the back of the church.  Follow the signs.  We will be working on a "Stacked Coin" scrap quilts or a 9-patch using the leftover I Spy blocks we have from last quarters quilts.  Feel free to work on any other quilts you have in progress as well.

Quilts of Valor Ceremony

On September 15, we held our first Quilts of Valor ceremony.  Ten active and veteran men were given quilts as a thank you for their service.  We had approximately 125 in attendance and each quilt was well received and appreciated.  Thanks to the eight 4-H girls that made four of the quilts and did several of the quilt presentations.  To view pictures from the event, see our blog orFaceBook page.

Inline image 1

Wanda Wonky Quilt Retreat

We had a wonderful quilt retreat this year with 26 ladies in attendance.  What a wonderful way to get to know each other better, get lots of projects done and eat like royalty!  If you haven't checked out the pictures yet, there are three albums on our FaceBook page.

Inline image 3

Next year's retreat theme will be Quilt Addiction.  That should need no explanation!  We are looking at September 25-28 and will I will let you know when this date has been verified with the camp.

Project Linus Blanket Making Day

October 5 was Project Linus's 10th anniversary celebration.  We donated 106 quilts making our total for 2013 at 135 quilts to Project Linus.  It is fun to attend this event and see all ages working to make blankets, sewing on labels, or just helping to bundle quilts and carry in items from cars.  Ginny DeBates does a great job coordinating.

I took a few pictures that you can see on our FaceBook page.

Inline image 2

You can see it has been a busy month for us.  I am looking forward to quilting with you on Saturday.  

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wanda Wonky Quilt Retreat

I am still recovering from our annual quilt retreat...getting back to my regular schedule.  The retreat was a blast and I wanted to share a few photos (for those that have not seen them on FaceBook yet.)

Our theme was Wanda Wonky and the Quilt Factory...(a play on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).  My daughter and niece came up with the theme and it was a lot of fun.

This is my daughter, Christy aka: Wanda Wonky!!
And Willy Wonka...
The "Wonky" group picture.
And our more serious side.

 We did lots of quilting...

Food, glorious food!!  Kara was an amazing cook and a gracious hostess and her family was great help (and entertainment.)
The food was amazing!
We have a tradition of doing a gift exchange.  Every one brings an item wrapped up and then each gets a number.  Number 1 chooses a gifts and opens it.  Number 2 can steal from Number 1 or choose a new gift.  This goes on until everyone has a gift.  The game ends when Number 1 gets the last chance to steal a gift.  

This year's game was much more competitive then ever before!!  No sympathy...even when the gift is "for my mother!"  For more pictures, see our FaceBook photo album.

We do a Show N Tell on Saturday night to give everyone a chance to see what we've been working on. To see all the projects, go to our FaceBook photo album.

It was a great time and we are already starting to plan next year's retreat!
Sneak preview...our theme will be Quilt Addiction.