Monday, September 16, 2013

Quilts of Valor Ceremony

We held our first ever Quilts of Valor ceremony yesterday at First Christian Church.  It was so special and well received.  The 4-H girls were great and each of the recipients took a turn to speak about what this meant to them.  That was such a great extra touch to the program.

The quilt recipients were:
·        James Heywood 
·        Ardell Dworak 
·        Duane Stessman 
·         Adam Opal 
·        Owen Darrington
·        Larry Larsen
·        Ray Starr
·        Jacob Hardiman
·        Ralph Morse

·        Tim James

We have some "real" pictures coming soon and I will post some of those later but for now these are some of the pictures my husband was able to snap in between running the sound board.

Adam Opal

Ardell Dworak

Larry Larsen

Tim James

Ralph Morse

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  1. Thanks Scott for taking some pictures. What a great day and thank you Veterans for your service!