Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun Quilt Day

Our August quilt day was a lot of fun.  We met in a new room this month only and change can be fun...on occasion.  We had 15 quilters turn out on a beautifully perfect summer day so I appreciate the sacrifice they made!

Here are a few pictures.  Don't forget to check out our FaceBook page, also.

Sondra, Kathi, and Dixie worked on this quilt together.

One of three tops that Naomi put together.

Barb and Cindy working on Disappearing 9 Patch quilts.

Laura worked on binding several quilts.

Rachel working on a Jelly Roll Racer.

Rosemary in deep conversation with Naomi and working on the Arkansas Cross Roads quilt.

Now how did this picture sneak in here?  Had a quick visit this week from the best grandson ever!  He thought it was funny to take Grandpa's hat at his softball game...even thought it was "WET!" (with sweat).
My Grandson, Camden, and his dad, Rick.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 2013 Quilt Day

We quilt this Saturday at First Christian Church in Council Bluffs. This month we will be meeting in the Student Center which is on the lower level on the North West corner. There are doors that go directly into the room just West of the doors you would normally go in. I will have signs on the doors to direct you. We quilt from 10:00-3:00(ish) or what works for your schedule.

This month, we will continue are working on I Spy Disappearing 9-patch quilts for Project Linus as well as floral disappearing 9-patch quilts for Mercy Hospital. I Spy squares are 4" and the floral squares are 6 1/2".

All fabric, patterns, batting and thread is supplied.  Bring your sewing machine and basic supplies.  We have mats, rulers and cutters you can use as well.   

Quilt Retreat

This Saturday is the deadline for registering for the quilt retreat. All unpaid retreat fees are also due.  

This year's quilt retreat theme is "Wanda Wonky and the Quilt Factory". Dates for the retreat is September 26-29 and will be held at The Camp of the Good Shepherd in Louisville, NE. I am attaching the registration form for this year's quilt retreat.

Quilts of Valor Ceremony

We are actively making preparations to give ten Quilts of Valor to deserving individuals on September 15.  Six of the quilts will be given to veterans that have ties to 4-H in some way and the other four have connections with First Christian Church.  The 4-H girls that worked on four of the quilts did a great job as well as all those from the group that volunteered their time to help.  

If you have one of the Quilts of Valor quilts in your possession, please bring it with you on Saturday regardless of its status.  We need to identify all the quilts and get them ready to go before September 15.  If you have any of the patriotic pillowcases, we would like to collect those, too.

Quilt Deliveries and Children's Square String Blocks
We delivered 21 quilts to Mercy Hospital this month. Sue Simmons, the hospital Chaplain, donated two bags of fabric to the group as well and wanted to be sure you knew how much these quilts mean to the patients that receive them!

We delivered 10 quilts and 16 pillowcases to Children's Square.

We will continue to collect string blocks to make quilts for Children's Square. For a great tutorial (created by Robin) and more information, go to our blog.

Quality Control
Check out our blog post on quality control.  We have come up with a list of things to be aware of when making quilts for the group.  Please read.  We would also like to get your ideas on other things we can do to improve our quilts and to share the best we can be with our community!

There is a lot going on this month so I hope I have remembered everything I was supposed to mention!  I am looking forward to spending time with you on Saturday!  I am hoping my grandson may make a brief appearance sometime during the day but I cannot promise this.  Would love to show him off, though.

Jeanine Williams