Sunday, June 2, 2013

4H Quilts of Valor Project - Quilts are Done

Yesterday the 4H girls and the Quilts from the Bluffs volunteers met to put the finishing touch on the four quilts we have been working on...the LABEL.

Quilt labels tell a story about a quilt and the story we are trying to tell is one of appreciation for the service the recipients of the quilts have given.

One of the labels.
We had nine girls work on making four quilt tops.  These tops were then sent to volunteer longarm quilters to  do the quilting and then the quilt binding was attached around the edge to finish it off.

One of the quilts on the Longarm quilting machine frame.
Here are the four finished quilts with their proud "toppers" (as the quilt top makers are called in Quilts of Valor.)

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  1. I love your QOV quilts! It's a simple design that really shows off the red, white and blue fabrics! Great job!