Monday, January 14, 2013

January 2013 Statistics

I like to take a snapshot of where we are in our quilt creation and delivery process every month.  These numbers change quickly but it gives us a glimpse into our progress and gives us a chance to celebrate our successes along the way.

So, as of January 12, we have delivered 1 quilt, have 21 finished quilts on hand and ready to deliver, and we have 73 quilt tops that need to be quilted.  Not a bad start to the new year.

We also set a record at our January 12 quilt day...we had 29 quilters attend including 4 new quilters.  Our highest attendance in 2012 was 24. 

It was so fun to just watch all the activity and conversation.  I'm sure we could be heard all over the church!  But we were very busy little quilting bees!

Check out our FaceBook link (see the Links tab) for pictures from January's quilt day.

Next quilt day will be February 9.  If you would like information about Quilts from the Bluffs, please contact Jeanine at

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