Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sandy Quilt Relief Status

We are still working to complete another shipment of quilts to send to the Sandy Quilt Relief effort.

We have shipped 11 so far and will have another 6 to ship soon.  I will post pictures of the quilts we ship when they are all ready to go.

Kathy McKnight finished her Akansas Cross Roads quilt so it is ready to go.  I love this quilt!!!

We will have two wonky log cabin quilts ready to ship this month and a third will go in January.

Karen Hockom made a string quilt that is quilted...waiting for binding...that will go this month.

I have four quilt tops ready to be quilted that will have to wait until January.

And this quilt was pieced by Naomi Keller and quilted by me last night.  The fabric was jelly rolls from Connecting Threads.


  1. Jeanine, do you want me to stop by and pick up the quilt I made that needs the binding? I'll be glad to do that.

    1. I replied to you this morning but it didn't take I guess. I sent you an email anyway...I would love your help with the binding!!