Saturday, December 15, 2012

Project Linus December, 2012 Quilts

We had 38 quilts delivered to Project Linus today that were made in our Quilts from the Bluffs ministry.  We also gave seven quilts that were dropped of by others in the community.

There is such a variety in this group of quilts.  We have been catching up on quilting the tops we have had in our backlog and it is fun to see them get finished and delivered.  A special THANK YOU to all the quilters who have stepped up to do the quilting on these quilts.  It has made a big difference toward our goal to finish all our tops in inventory.

We are trying to spread the word that the new Council Bluffs quilt shop, Cut Up and Quilt, is the new Project Linus drop off site.  You can get more information about Cut Up and Quilt quilt shop from their website.

The next Omaha Project Linus Blanket Making Day is March 2.  Mark your calendars now.











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  1. What wonderful quilts! I know some child is going to love them.