Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boys Town Quilts

Several of us went to the Missouri Valley Quilt Guild meeting last night and heard a neat program on Boys Town.  It was fun to hear some of the history behind Boys Town and its humble beginnings.  Father Flanagan's mom and sister started a "Mother's Guild" early on to sew clothes and make quilts for the cot-like beds.  This effort was stopped due to WWI but recently has begun again.  Some of the reproduction quilts were shown at the guild meeting.  These quilts were made by the Omaha quilt guild prior to the new Mother's Guild being formed.

The pictures are not that great but wanted to share them with you.  These quilts are on the beds in a room that is set up as a reproduction of the way Boys Town was around the 1930's.  There are holiday quilts that are displayed Nov-Dec and everyday quilts for the rest of the year.

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