Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Statistics

I did the monthly inventory count and the results are:
  •   64 complete quilts (35 ready to go to Project Linus, the rest for Mercy Critical Care and Children's Square)
  • 100 quilt tops on hand

We are making progress in the right direction.  We still have LOTS of quilt tops that need to be finished.

Stay tuned and keep quilting!!

Ready for Project Linus - Trunk Show Feb 2012

We had such a wonderful quilt day.  We had two new members and lots of busy quilters.  Project Linus has their annual Blanket Making Day on March 3 so we were busy getting quilts ready to deliver.  Here are some of the finished quilts we have ready and other activity at Quilt Day.

Rachel with another buckaroo quilt.

Little Buckaroo fabric for the back.

Talking "quilts"

A little sewing, a little talking...

Sneeha joined us today

Sneeha and Mom, Shaila

Tying a quilt for Project Linus

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Share the Stash

I have made a friend through Quilter's Club of America that lives in Minnesota.  I wanted to share with you how we are helping her out by "sharing our stash".

I will share some snippets of our conversations so you can join me in praying for what she is trying to do and to understand how our group can touch others in such a simple and practical way.  She is working with teenagers that are incarcerated and has planned a program that will teach them to sew.

As excited about this project as I sound doesn't begin to express how I really feel!  Learning to sew is a disclipine/skill that can transfer to so many other areas of your life! Self-esteem, the ability to follow directions, problem solving, planning ahead and the list goes on. People like you who are willing to donate play such a big part in their success and I thank you!!
I have the kids, all of them,  starting on pillows for the first project. To get them excited they are coloring white fabric with crayons. We'll iron the color into the fabric and then sew and stuff. I have spoken with a couple of the kids individually and they are excited about making a pillow case. I'll post pics of the projects as they are completed.
There are mulitiple safety issues that have to be considered as some of these kids are high risk cutters and some can be quite agressive but I think I have it all worked out in my head now and we are moving ahead with the first week in Feb to start!!!! 

I have sent her two boxes of scrap/fabric so far and plan to send her more.  We have been so blessed in the funding and donations we have received and it just seems like the responsible thing to do to pass that on to other deserving efforts.  Please keep Cindy, teenagers involved, and the program in your prayers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Quilt Day Reminder

Are you enjoying the snow today?  It's pretty if nothing else!  I'm glad it was not quilt day today or I would have probably had to cancel.  But next week will, hopefully, be a great day to get together!  We will meet at First Christian Church in Council Bluffs from 10:00-4:00.  Come anytime during that time and stay as long as your schedule allows.  We will be making a very easy quilt and working on finishing Project Linus quilts.  

The pattern we are doing this month is very easy.  I sketched it out and you can get to it here (I'm not an artist!).  I attached a picture of one I made so you can get an idea of what it will look like.  

All fabric and thread is provided.  Bring a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies and a snack to share if you want.  You can also bring a lunch if you are staying all day.

Project Linus Blanket Making Day

We are trying to get our quilts done that will go to Project Linus.  They have a blanket making day on March 3 that is open anyone interested in coming.  I usually go to sew labels on quilts/blankets that others drop off.  You can also work on a quilt top.  They usually have kits and/or fabric that was donated for the quilts that you are free to take home to make quilts on your own time.  This will be from 9:00 - 1:00 at Bryan High School in Papillion.  If you want more information, let me know.

Speaking of Project Linus, Quilts from the Bluffs will be sponsoring a Project Linus drop off site at First Christian Church.  We are still working out the details but once we are ready to launch, I will let you know so you can get the word out to anyone you know who might be interested.  With the closing of Kanesville Quilt Shop, this opportunity has presented itself and I am excited about furthering our partnership with Project Linus.

Stay warm and I am looking forward to seeing you next Saturday!

Jeanine Williams