Friday, January 13, 2012

Rag Quilt Patterns

There are endless patterns and variations for rag quilts.  Since we will be working on rag quilts at our group's monthly quilt day, I thought I would share some information I found.

This is a pretty good tutorial for rag quilts:

Here is the way we will be doing them at quilt day:


We will be using 9” flannel squares for our rag quilts.  You could also use homespuns or denim and any size block you want (usually between 6” and 10”).
Batting should be 1” smaller than the flannel squares.  We will use 8” batting.  You could use another layer of flannel instead of batting.  If you do this, you can keep it the same size as the outer flannel squares.


To determine the number of blocks you need to achieve the size of quilt, figure ½” seams and about ½” shrinkage from 9” squares.  That is approximately 7 ½” per square.
Twin:     9 across x 11 rows = 99 blocks          198 flannel squares       99 batting squares
Lap:      6 across x 7 rows = 42 blocks               84 flannel squares         42 batting squares
Cut or Select the squares you will need.


Layer a flannel square right side down, a batting square centered on this square, and the top flannel square right side up.
Pin a pin in the middle of each side to keep the layers together.  You can pin all the blocks first and then string piece them if the want.
Sew an “X” through all layers.  If you are string piecing them, do one side of the “X” for all blocks and then come back and do the other side.
Using a generous ½” seam, join the blocks together in rows, leaving the raw edges of the blocks on top.
Sew rows together matching seams leaving the raw edges of the blocks on top.  I would reinforce the stitching at the intersections of the blocks.
After you have joined the 8 rows, sew an inch inside the outer border all around the quilt.  For more stability with your seams, you can go around the quilt twice.
Cut the seams into fringe using sharp scissors.  Be very careful not to cut into the stitching.  Cut every ½” or so.  Make sure you cut around the outside of the quilt as well.
Wash the quilt to fray.  You may want to use the Laundromat.  Front loading washers work best.  Make sure you have a good lint filter and clean it when you are done.

PDF Version of Instructions
Cuddle and Enjoy!!

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