Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Touch of Heaven

I wanted to share an experience I had this week that shows me <once again> that God is directly involved in my life and His love is boundless.

Lester and Thelma Shipley
Many of you have heard me talk about Thelma.  Thelma was a wonderful lady that was always positive, encouraging, and available for support whenever it was needed.  Thelma encouraged me to start Quilts from Cornerstone in 1998 and was my best supporter.  She was a wonderful and dedicated quilter and almost never missed a quilt day.  She also was there for me as my 20-year marriage broke down and again as I began a new life with my husband, Scot.  She was like a mother to me.  She was my Sunday School teacher, was in small group with me and was such a great influence on who I am today. 

When she passed away in her sleep at the young age of 60, I was devastated!  How could I make it without Thelma?  What a loss this was for so many in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  Her memorial service was packed with lines of people long past the designated many lives she touched.

I inherited a lot of her quilting stuff.  One item was a quilt top she made that had not been finished into a quilt yet.  I held on to this for several years before deciding to finish it and send it to Mercy Hospital Critical Care to allow Thelma to bless someone else.  I debated on letting it go but decided Thelma would want it that way.

This week I received an email from the church office saying that the husband of the lady the quilt was given to wanted to return it (his wife had passed on.)  I thought that was a bit strange and this was the first time since 1998 that a quilt was returned.  I said I would pick it up Sunday but I wasn't sure what to do with it.  I can't re-give a used quilt to the hospital.  I thought I might bring it to Mohm's Place.  But when I went to pick up the quilt and saw which quilt it was, I was in total awe.

My quilt from heaven.
Sitting on the shelf, folded nice and neat, was Thelma's quilt.  I was immediately filled with God's closeness and the understanding that Thelma is with me still as well.  I take this as a sign that God is in control of not only the quilt ministry but of my life in all areas.  The comfort this quilt brings me was an unexpected gift and I will treasure it always.  I know this quilt was meant for me and I will never be able to look at it again without feeling God's love and presence. 

I still miss you, Thelma, but can't wait to tell you quilt stories in heaven of how our efforts have touched so many and to thank you for touching me like you have. 


  1. Gives me goose bumps to think of the wonderful way God works. You are blessed to have the quilt back. :-)

  2. I want to cry, I feel so touched by your story. Thank you for sharing such a REAL example of God's working through people.