Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011 Quilt Retreat

The quilt retreat was a really good time this year.  We had 24 attend so the size was still very manageable.  The food was awesome (as usual) and the quilts that were created were so fun to see.

What I love about this retreat is all the indivdual ideas and unique view of quilting.

Some like to do hand work...applique, hand piecing, hand quilting.

Some like to go fast (Jelly Roll Race) and getter done!

Some like a little competition...Go Hawkeyes!

Some just can't be held to direction or anything else that may block total creativity!

 Some see circles...

And some just love to cut itty bitty squares and strips for hours and hours...

We ALL love to eat and Penni is the BEST cook! 

I will add more photos another day.  Need to get moving on some other items on my to do list.

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